đŸ’°Austin Griffith Ethereum Research and Development | Grants


Formerly, as the Director of Research for Gitcoin, Austin created numerous projects that explored the possibilities of Ethereum (including the meta transaction token subscription system this grants program runs on). He is now moving to this Gitcoin Grant to fund his research full-time. His work focuses on onboarding and adoption. He made his big break into Ethereum by providing consistent value and working his tail off: https://medium.com/@austin_48503/my-big-break-into-ethereum-4bca9d113d55 In the last six months, here are example research and development topics he covered in the pursuit of the #BUIDL: Ethereum Meta Transactions https://medium.com/@austin_48503/ethereum-meta-transactions-90ccf0859e84 🗜️Clevis + 📃 Dapparatus = 🔗🔥 https://medium.com/@austin_48503/%EF%B8%8Fclevis-blockchain-orchestration-682d2396aeef Ethereum in Emerging Economies https://medium.com/gitcoin/ethereum-in-emerging-economies-b235f8dac2f2 Counterfactual Loan Repayment https://medium.com/gitcoin/counterfactual-loan-repayment-828a59d9b730 👹 Moloch Rises https://medium.com/gitcoin/moloch-rises-b292b64565f2 Native Meta Transactions https://medium.com/gitcoin/native-meta-transactions-e509d91a8482 Burner Wallet at ETHDenver was 🔥 https://medium.com/gitcoin/burner-wallet-at-ethdenver-was-faa3851ea833 emojicoin.exchange https://medium.com/gitcoin/emojicoin-exchange-53f9658c9e3b What the NEXT six months will entail is up to you! Help fund Austin Griffith’s Ethereum research here!