ConsenSys Launches the Codefi Data API | ConsenSys Codefi

We at ConsenSys Codefi Data have released our Codefi Data API as a way for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) users and participants to get direct and real-time access to DeFi ratings and risk data such as smart contract risk, liquidity, collateralization, and centralisation.  We have aggregated

NEWSLETTER 3: DeFi and Digital Asset Insights | ConsenSys Codefi

New to the Newsletter and to Codefi? Check out this explainer video about ConsenSys Codefi. Hey Friend, We hope everyone is staying safe during this difficult and ambiguous time. As a break from the COVID-19 news cycle, we have some DeFi topics for you this month t

Rewards and Penalties on Ethereum 2.0 [Phase 0] | ConsenSys Codefi

Introduction ConsenSys Codefi is building the blockchain operating system for commerce and finance to help global markets move towards “Finance 2.0.” A critical part of this effort is enabling the creation and use of natively digital assets that incentivize maximally decentralized networks to reli

NEWSLETTER 2: SKALE token launches on Activate platform; and analysis of Central Bank Digital Currencies | ConsenSys Codefi

Hey there!, Since our launch five months ago, the ConsenSys Codefi team has been cooking and coding up some delicious treats for you all. We’re incredibly excited to announce TODAY the partnership between our Codefi Activate project and SKALE Network .&nbs

It’s Time to Re-Democratize Our Local Communities’ Funding | ConsenSys Codefi

ConsenSys Codefi and a recent acquisition will restore grassroots participation in muni bonds, written by Patrick Berarducci and Emma Channing The municipal bond market has always been popular with retail investors, offering what are considered relatively safe investments often with both federal

ConsenSys Codefi Announces SKALE Network as the First Project to Launch a Token on the Activate Platform | ConsenSys Codefi

Activate, by ConsenSys Codefi, is partnering with the N.O.D.E. Foundation to allow consumers in qualified countries to purchase, use, and earn rewards on the SKALE Network. New York, NY and San Francisco, CA, February 11, 2020 — Activate , by ConsenSys Codefi , is the first pl

Newsletter 1: Here we go! DeFi and Digital Market Insights by ConsenSys Codefi | ConsenSys Codefi

Codefi Newsletter sent 15 January 2020 Hey There! In an internet pop up window far, far away you signed up to receive updates and insights from ConsenSys on digital assets and the crypto ecosystem. Since then, we have launched our integrated ConsenSys Codefi platform to del

Introducing Compare by ConsenSys Codefi | ConsenSys Codefi

Explore the Risk-Return Tradeoff of DeFi Lending As the team that brought you the DeFi Score, we are deeply focused on building a risk management toolset for decentralized finance. We are excited to announce our latest product development, which helps users of open finance achieve smart financial

Introducing ConsenSys Codefi: The Blockchain Operating System for Global Commerce and Finance | ConsenSys Codefi

A new product suite bringing blockchain to businesses. Today ConsenSys is excited to introduce ConsenSys Codefi , a product suite built for the next generation of commerce and finance. ConsenSys Codefi is utilizing blockchain technology to optimize business processes and payments, dig

LawCoin Completes World’s First Tokenization Of Litigation Finance Investment | ConsenSys Codefi

PHILADELPHIA, PA — LawCoin Inc . (“LawCoin”), a legal fintech company, today announced the digital tokenization of ownership interests in LawCoin Investments, LLC (“LCI”), making it the world’s first tokenized litigation finance investment vehicle. LCI is LawCoin’s portfolio investment vehicle