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Hey guys! We’re very excited to announce our first Gitcoin application 🔥 What is ParaSwap? Paraswap aggregates and structures the liquidity from dozens of decentralized exchanges & lending protocols in order to facilitate token swaps on the Ethereum blockchain. With traders and dApps in mind, ParaSwap is designed for speed and gas efficiency.  We have an open-source SDK & Smart Contract to enable any dApp or trading software to easily integrate with us. Paraswap does not charge any fee and our contracts are covered with a 1000 ETH insurance on Nexus Mutual. Why Contribute? We’re working on some exciting features that will help on improving the liquidity on the Ethereum blockchain and we need support from the community! The main components our our roadmap: 🔀 Multi Path Routing: Users can get the best prices while advanced traders can design their own routes using their in-house algorithms. ⛓ On-chain Price Feed: We’re going to open source and improve our On-Chain price feed Smart Contract. ⚡ Flash loans: So that any user coud get access to a large pool of liquidity in order to make advanced trades. 📖 Open source widgets: For dApps & websites that want to provide a decentralized aggregated liquidity for their users. 💱 Cross chain swaps: Starting with Bitcoin and following up with other chains. 👉And many more 🚀 Stay in touch Visit our website: ParaSwap.io Follow us on twitter: twitter.com/paraswap Chat with us in Telegram: t.me/paraswap