? Grants | The Commons Stack: Iteration 0


Funding open-source projects & other public goods is the killer app of blockchain tech. Giveth & BlockScience are joining forces to build the Commons Stack: a modular library of well engineered components that can be used to create economic models for projects that are creating value, yet have trouble finding sustainable business models.  Funding Iteration 0 Donations to this grant will go to finish staging the launch of the Commons Stack. We will be using these donations to map out our deliverable roadmap and budget, expand our communications, confirm our legal strategy, grow the Trusted Seed, and do all the other work we need to do to champion the Commons Stack! Our Plan Our primary goal is to enable sustainable funding for any nonprofit cause. In the near term, we will focus on enabling economies that can create sustainable funding for the development of open-source infrastructure and open research projects within the blockchain space. To achieve this we will provide a toolkit for communities to create novel, cause-focused economies that we call Commons. To build a successful Commons, or any other socio-economic system, a community must consider both the technical and cultural requirements. The Commons Stack mission is to make it easy for cause-focused communities to meet and excel at these requirements so that they can launch a healthy Commons. On the Technical side we want to: 1. Support cadCAD: We want to create and fund an independent team to manage the open-source development of cadCAD. 2. Simulate our Components: We want to validate the design of all the Commons components by building open-source, modular cadCAD models that can be forked and applied to other crypto projects. 3. Build our Components: We want to work with various development teams in the space to build modular DApps that can be customized for each Commons component’s parameterization including the Augmented Bonding Curve and Conviction Voting modules.  4. Iterate our Components: We have an iterative build strategy, building Commons with a focus on one core component at a time, and then incorporating improvements into successive iterations. The first iteration will focus on the Augmented Bonding Curve. The second iteration will focus on the Giveth Proposal Engine while also advancing the ABC component, and so on. On the Cultural side we want to: 1. Grow the Trusted Seed: Starting any project is aided greatly by having people on your side who have done it before. The Trusted Seed is a curated community of prosocial Commons “experts” that will learn how Commons work and can be trusted to seed many future Commons with their expertise. This is the primary focus of Iteration 0. 2. Maintain a How to DAO Wiki: A Commons is simply a cause-focused DAO with a well designed economic framework. Many DAOs have succeeded and failed in the last few years and we want to create and collect case studies that can be used to derive a list of best practices that can help all DAOs learn from the past to build a successful future. 3. Support Commons’ Cultural Build: Before any code is written, communities need to ensure they have strategies for following Ostrom’s 8 principles and develop their culture in a way that lends itself to successfully using our tech. 4. Create a Cultural Playbook: For the Commons to become widespread, the Commons Stack Core team cannot become a bottleneck. Our Commons Cultural Playbook will document how to successfully complete a Commons Cultural Build. Tracking your Support Donors that support this grant will receive CSTK tokens if their donation is more than 100 DAI (or equivalent value), and they apply to be part of our Trusted Seed.  We have open accounting! All funds raised will be spent transparently in our Iteration 0 Campaign on the Giveth DApp.