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DoD is a collective of individuals working on Decentralized Open Source. Our aim is to be an agnostic vehicle to drive adoption, educate newcomers (and veterans, why not?), and raise awareness on the challenges and benefits of decentralization and open source software. The Department of Decentralization was born when our 2018 event, ETHBerlin got us to the conclusion that we needed to do something more than one event a year. There are multiple ways to support the community, and we want to be there. Our projects to date: ETHBerlin 2018: Hackathon, conference and the first event ran almost entirely using decentralized applications Görlicon Görli Testnet Blockstars Education Program with B9lab There Is No Such Thing As Blockchain Art: a study to explore the art world and the intersection with our systems ETHBerlinZwei: hackathon, conference and cultural festival Money Grows on Trees: the art show on global warming at DEVCONV Data economies, cryptoanarchism and art: how to combine these three to create a fairer art market (IN PROGRESS) DREI (Hackathons: Berlin and Prague) – IN PROGRESS DoD is ran primarily from Berlin, but we encourage everyone to get in touch and run their local chapter. Currently, we are around 24 people, and work by making decisions on proposals that collective members build, and decide on them by rough consensus. However, our priority is to discover the right governance model for the collective. With this in mind, we are building a DAO, planned for Q2 2020, with the help of an Ethereum-based project.