? Grants | Trinity – Ethereum 2.0 client


The Trinity Ethereum client is open source client for the Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain written in Python. The project is developed and maintained by a full time team and is one of the few clients that supports both the Eth 1.x and 2.0 networks. The Trinity beacon node has been part of Eth 2.0 development from the very beginning. We intend to play a large part in beacon chain both as infrastructure for application developers as well as those wishing to participate as validators. One major benefit we are focused on is being highly extensible, providing first class APIs for building on top of the Trinity client allowing its functionality to be natively extended and modified. We are also focused on providing a highly scalable client architecture to enable both a simple single machine developer experience as well a high throughput use cases which require the ability to run the scale the client across many machines with fine grained control over individual component.