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Whiteblock is a blockchain research and testing team. Some of our notable work includes our audit and analysis of the EOS blockchain, sharding p2p testing, which focused on libp2p, 1.x state related research, and a variety of other projects. We have been quite active in the space as a research and development team and provided services in this context, but have recently decided to shift our focus toward productizing our tool set and releasing the Whiteblock platform as an open-source framework. Rather than continuing to prioritize services, we believe it would be much more beneficial for the space as whole to provide the community with the appropriate development tools needed to test blockchain protocols and applications, troubleshoot, find out what works and what doesn’t, and build better solutions. Part of these initiatives is establishing a community around our methodologies and tooling. This strategy includes funding our own grants to encourage the use of the Whiteblock platform while helping educate the community in understanding the importance of formal verification and deterministic testing for distributed systems, specifically in relation to blockchain engineering and development. We will also be matching up to 100% of any fulfilled Gitcoin bounties in which developers answering bounties use the Whiteblock testing framework within the process of fulfilling any bounty. We will also be partnering with any projects and platforms who would like to solicit the Whiteblock team for testing or research purposes by building the appropriate OSS tooling and matching them on any additional bounties or grants so the community can fulfill these testing needs. In doing so, this will allow us to scale as a software-focused company while fostering the growth of a community of blockchain testing and QA engineers. All proceeds from our Gitcoin grants will go toward helping us deliver on this roadmap, starting with our 1.x research initiatives, which means that we’ll be directly putting everything back into the Ethereum community! Help us put our money where our mouths are and drive Ethereum research and testing forward! Projects to which our team actively contributes: https://github.com/ethresearch/sharding-p2p-poc https://github.com/ethereum/ethsim https://github.com/canto-ethereum https://github.com/whiteblock/hobbits