Colony Dapp is featuring Suggestions and Programs

A few months back, we launched the Colony application into a open beta 🎉. But the path towards truly useful and engaging platform is paved with incremental improvements. To that end, we want to introduce our lates two; Suggestions and Programs.

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Suggestions are our way of enable bottom-up contributions from a colony’s community.

It’s a subtle way of giving the community some ownership over the direction of the project, by facilitating low friction input that can tangibly affect change.

In our Betacolony, we use suggestions as a way for our community to provide product feedback; have a feature request or found a bug? Leave a suggestion to let us know. If it gets up-voted by the community and implemented by someone, you’ll get rewarded simply for making the suggestion.

The user journey for this feature is very simple. Any colony user can click the Suggestion tab and then enter a suggestion. Then, other community members can upvote suggestions they like to help influence the priority of the product backlog.  

This feedback has been a real boon for our product team, a simple way to turn grassroots collective intelligence into great product decisions.

When an suggestion is accepted, a task is created automatically and can be used to reward the suggester or the person implementing the suggestion.

Suggestions have been a crucial source of product feedback for us and we are really excited to see this model replicated for other projects. Already we’ve seen projects like BrightID and Swash using suggestions as bottom-up contribution mechanisms for their communities.


The most recent addition to the colony app is Programs, a way of created structured and gamified sequences of tasks that anyone can complete.A

A program can have one or more levels. Each level has predefined tasks. When a member completes the required amount of tasks from the level, they earn both the rewards from the tasks along with a special badge to show off on their profile.

So far, we’ve seen programs used for onboarding, ambassador programs, and for one-time quests.

The MetaGame colony, for example, recently used Programs to create a Quest to incentivize members to promote their Gitcoin grants campaign.

In future, we also predict programs will be used for organisation specific certification. Such as verifying that a user is competent with ColonyJS.

You can try out both Suggestions and Programs over on our Betacolony.

Colony is a platform for community collaboration—do work, make decisions, and manage money, together.

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