How will Ethereum cope?

I’ve been searching deep into the potential future of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and technologically superior to Ethereum projects, and can’t help but wonder: “how will Ethereum survive the upcoming decade of constantly advanced and improved crypto projects”?

Technology has advanced to the point where everything is “snowballing” at a lot faster rate than what we were used to during the start of the century. I personally view this as a potential problem to crypto projects, since unlike Apple, Microsoft etc, it seems a lot harder to implement changes and improvements to an already launched project – see ETH 2.0 which is struggling to implement improvements that newer cryptos have already inherited from the time of their creation due to the use of a superior technology, unlike ETH’s 2015 one. Is it extreme to imagine a scenario where, when blockchains will be fully adopted, we may be using X crypto project for couple of years, then toss it for the next one? Could this be a norm?

Please let me know of your views, especially revolving around Ethereum on this matter.

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