Ethereum Gold – whoever is in longest … wins (without referal link) (with referal link)

Here’s how it works: Bob pays in 10 eth. By sending ETH into this, you get GOLD tokens. The value of those tokens varies with supply and demand. He pays a 10% fee on deposit, 10% fee on withdrawal. Those fees are split amongst existing holders of the GOLD token.

Alice comes and deposits her eth. Her 10% fee is then split equally amongst all token holders. If she then leaves, another 10% fee which is also split amongst gold token holders.

In other words if you hold the GOLD token you will earn dividends from fees from everyone else who joins or leaves.

This is not a ‘make money by being in first’ thing but rather a ‘make money by being in longest/biggest’.

The whole thing is on a smart contract. No way to be duped. Leave any time. (20% fee all up, but dividends accumulate along the way).

I have made around 1.8% dividend in 17 hours so far.

Interested to hear everyone’s thoughts. Waiting for someone to drop a lazy $1m on this beast.

PS. My wife’s boyfriend is balls deep in on this, too.

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